From concept to completion, every step of your project is handled by the experienced Calvin & Suttle, Inc team.

Calvin & Suttle, Inc Mission: To exceed customer expectations through a glowing experience with clear communication, earning one referral at a time!

For all of our products and services listed we will do the measuring, ordering, receiving and installation. All you have to do is contact us to let us know when your project is ready for measuring and what you need. We will, then, provide you with a custom estimate based on your request.


Custom Floors

Enjoy this radiant 4 inch wide oak perfect with a rich brown stain and a high gloss finish! Contact us today!

Brightening Your Home with Natural Radiance

 The Calvin & Suttle, Inc Team is here to help you every step of the way. Our Finishings Department is unique to the housing industry and truly a one-stop shop!

Picture your home with all the "personal touches" you want it to have! We offer a variety of services to help put those "finishing touches" on your home. It's time to love the place you live!  

Those services include:

  • Shower Door Enclosures
  • Bath Accessories
  • Closet Systems
  • Custom Mirrors
  • ​Interior/Exterior Door hardware

What do you imagine? What can you imagine? Calvin and Suttle, Inc can imagine it all with you ... and more than that ... we can and will create it for you!

What do you want to be reflected in your floors?  Family Dinners, Holiday Parties, New Traditions, Sheer Elegance.  Open a new world of design possibilities ~ all it takes is your imagination and Calvin and Suttle, Inc services!

You tell us ... and we will show you!

When we finish, our customers know 

it's all about making you and your home glow

with warmth, beauty, and brilliance.

Each and every one of our construction projects is carefully and professionally designed by an architectural and structural engineer. 

Brightening Your Home with Natural Radiance

Courtney, one of our many customers exclaimed, "These floors are stunning; I seriously almost cried.  Breathtaking!" when she saw her finished exceptional natural hardwood floors.

This is the worthwhile experience you have been waiting for.  Now, it's here!  Create your sparkle today!

4 inch wide oak - rich brown stain high and gloss finish

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The Calvin & Suttle, Inc Flooring Department specializes in custom Sand & Finish Services.  Our crews use dust containment systems.  We install and can provide refinished and raw hardwood materials, treating your home like our own.

Renovation projects are done with care for architectural and structural integrity as well as beauty and function. Our flooring service includes:

  • Provide/Install Raw Hardwood
  • Provide/Install Prefinished Hardwood
  • Dustless Sand & Finish
  • Buff and Coat